Dancetogether® builds kids confidence, motor skill and sense of rhythm

At Kidstogether®, we offer Dancetogether® classes for Kids. we aim to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere, nurturing each child’s individuality to build their confidence and love for dance. We focus on the foundations of dance in a fun and exciting way, encouraging imagination and sharing the experience with parents. We refresh our program each quarter to ensure lots of variety and new challenges for our students. Amongst the fun, energy and enjoyment, we focus on important foundations in dance through our age appropriate programs and weekly objectives to ensure we are offering all children the early experience they need to pursue dance in the future.

The social experience is also an important aspect of our classes, not just for the children but for the parents as well. As parents are invited to watch all classes it is a great way to foster new friendships and for the students to develop their confidence in a social environment.