Art Classes

Arttogether® arouses imagination and creativty of kids

Art together® Visual Art lessons will benefits all aspects of your child’s development. As your children draws, paints, and makes collages, they experiment with color, line, shape, and size. They use paints, fabrics, and chalk to make choices, tryout ideas, plan, and experiment. They learn about cause and effect when they mix colors. Through trial and error, they learn how to balance a mobile and weave yarn. Through their art, your child can express how they feel, think, and view the world. Art together® Visual Art lessons will be an outlet that lets your child convey what they may not be able to say with words. Involvement with a rich variety of art materials will instil confidence and pride.

Art together® Visual Art lessons will also offers opportunities for physical development. As your child tears paper for a collage or use scissors to cut, they refine small muscle movements. Making lines and shapes with markers and crayons will help your child develop the fine motor control they will need for writing. Art is enjoyable and satisfying for young children. It enables them to learn many skills, express themselves, appreciate beauty, and have fun-all at the same time. Art together® Visual Art lessons will promote learning and growth in your child by:

  • Developing visual-spatial relationships (such as eye-hand coordination) through painting, drawing, and collage making, and using clay.
  • Enhance problem solving ability such as when your child learns to correctly label shapes and objects.
  • Introducing the nature and complexity of their world. Your child will learn about the concepts of color and shape, texture, and the effects of their actions on materials and objects. This will provide a vehicle to explore the possibilities and limitations of materials, and encourage your child’s imagination.
  • Creating a non-verbal language for your child to use to express feelings. Your child can then explore the world, process and reflect on experiences, and understand concepts.
  • Building a bridge between the physical world of things and events and the inner world of feelings and meanings. This will encourage spontaneous exploration, promote individuality in your child.
  • Heightening your child’s perceptual abilities.

At Kidstogether, we strongly believe that Art together® Visual Art lessons are an important way for children to learn about their world. Sometimes it is easier for young children to express themselves through drawing or painting than it is verbally. Most young children naturally delight in art. They love the process of applying paint to paper, gluing things together, and pounding a lump of clay.

Working with art materials during Art together® Visual Art lessons will offer your child an opportunity to experiment with color, shape, design, and texture. As they engage in art activities, your child will develop an awareness and appreciation of pleasant sensory experiences-which is the beginning of aesthetic development. Using art materials such as paint, clay, markers, crayons, cornstarch, and collage materials, your child will express their individual ideas and feelings. As they view their own creations and those of other children, they learn to value and appreciate differences.

At Kidstogether, the process of your child creating is what’s most important, not what they actually create. The children will be experimenting with tempera paints, oil and dry pastels, colored markers, graphite and mixed media. They will learn the basic elements of shapes necessary for all drawing, painting, printmaking and modeling with clay. There will be some emphasis on composition, perspective, shading and creative ways to fix whatever they don’t like. Much time will be spent in working with the primary colors; mixing to produce whatever color they want.

All children will be taught at an appropriate level for their age and will work at their own pace. There will be no competition or comparison, as there is no right or wrong way of doing things, just different ways. If the child likes the results and feels the work is finished, then so be it! The child is the artist. Although there will be some structure, as even a dancer needs to learn the steps and a musician needs to learn the notes, a strong emphasis will be placed on just “creating “. Arttogether® will give students the tools with which they can express themselves in a satisfying way. Arttogether® believe everyone can learn to draw and paint. It is Art together® longing to help children overcome fear of failure, low self esteem, shyness and to help them feel confident and comfortable with who they are – but most of all to have fun!