For Your Information

Get Ready For Class

Give yourself plenty of time to get changed and organized before the lesson.

We’d like to avoid any potential injury by asking that watches, necklaces, and any earrings that have the potential of getting caught on equipment, be removed before class starts. Long hair pulled up to avoid it from going in your child’s eyes.

Baggy clothes are dangerous. Please wear tight fitting body suits, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, or stretchy type pants or sweatpants.

We have a fountain in the gym for drinking water, or you can bring a water bottle. Children can take their water bottles into the gym and store them on the shelf provided as we do not allow children into the lobby area during class.Be on time and don’t miss classes. Each week a specialized lesson is conducted. If you miss class or are late regularly your child may start to feel behind and leaning may become more challenging.

When you are Arrival

Upon arrival find a cubby hole to put your shoes, socks, jackets and other belongings into. We know waiting is not easy for any child, but all participants need to wait in the lobby for their class to start. Instructors will come to the gym door inviting the classes in. We strongly recommend that the children use the washroom before class starts. Nobody ever plans on being late but if it does happen and you’re running 15 minutes or later for your class please do not attend, schedule a make up class. Just like any time you’re going to participate in physical activity you need to warm up first to avoid injuries. Many children feel anxious when they are late and this can impact their safety.

When you Pickup

Please pick your child up from inside the lobby. We know it gets busy and it might be easier to have them meet you outside but for your child’s safety we ask that they wait inside. If you are going to be late or if there is a possibility of you being late, please inform the office or your child’s instructor.

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