Our Staff and Educators

Our Kidstogether® educators and staff are our business, so with this in mind Kidstogether® places a lot of emphasis on educator selection, induction, training and an ongoing program to monitor an educator’s performance.

Kidstogether® Approved Providers are always on the lookout for potential candidates who:

  • Are caring and patient
  • Have a genuine love of children
  • Obtain job satisfaction through quality interactions with children
  • Have a real passion for working with children and really enjoy their company and learning
  • Have a willingness to go the extra mile which highlights their personal dedication
  • Have a strong work ethic
  • Have lots of enthusiasm and initiative
  • Are positive role models
  • Can make magic happen

All of Kidstogether® staff and educators are encouraged and supported to further their qualifications and attend regular training provided by Kidstogether® corporate. Kidstogether® provides regular opportunities for traineeships and student placements as another strategy for screening potential future Kidstogether® educators.