For Pre-Natal mothers

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Pre-Natal Listening

Many pregnant mothers observe their babies responses to sounds, voices and music. The aural nervous system is developed and begins fully functioning during the second trimester of pregnancy. Around week 25 your baby can recognize voices and responds to different kinds of music. “From observing unborn babies with ultrasound it has been shown they may respond to relaxing and classical type music by turning towards it and curl up and away from very loud rock, rap and pop type music.”

Our Parenttogether® PNL Parental Pre-natal Listening program has been designed to give mothers a simple way to develop a loving, musical connection with their unborn babies that can have enormous benefits during and after birth. Held over 2-3 sessions, this program can be done privately or a group setting, and is a unique gift for a mother-to-be!

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Pre-Natal Dance

Breathing. Softening. Opening. Spiralling.

Parenttogether® PND Prenatal Pre-Natal Dance classes draw upon Kidstogether's unique expertise in Parental teaching experience, to create a gently vibrant space to support new mothers in their life-giving dance. Classes combine guided imagery, meditation, massage and releasing techniques, with improvisational and choreographed movement. Join us as we dance our babies into being!

Parenttogether® PND Prenatal Pre-Natal dance session will combine traditional dance practices with Skinner Releasing Technique to address some essential elements of childbirth: spiraling, opening, breathing, softening. Participants will prepare themselves physically, mentally and spiritually for this transformation of our lives and prepare to be the channel through which the future of humanity is brought forth.

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Parents of Newborn through Teens



Do you

  • Ever wish that you could talk with someone about the job of raising your children?
  • Would you like to have more skills at your fingertips to handle the challenges of parenting?
  • Do you need help to get on the same page with your co-parent?

Our Parent together® PPC Parenting program provides you with the skill building and support that you need to be an effective, confident parent. 60 minutes sessions can support and guide you as you learn about healthy ways to parent. Parents of newborns through teens are welcome. You can benefit from personal coaching if you:

  • need help with the challenges of co-parenting.
  • want to better understand your child’s behavior.
  • sometimes feel out of control or unsure of healthy ways to respond.
  • want to learn about setting reasonable expectations and effective limits.
  • are a parent of a child with a challenging temperament.
  • feel that you need help disciplining your children.
  • want to increase confidence in your parenting skills.

Parent together® PPC Parenting program builds families’ strengths and helping parents create a home environment where children can become caring, confident, and responsible.


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