Required Policies and Agreements


Terms & Conditions


Please have your child ready to start their class on time. If you arrive late please ask a staff member for assistance in getting your child to their class. Parents may not insured to be in the gym area depends on the classes and program kids are participating.

Participants are asked to wait in the waiting area for their classes to start. Instructors will invite classes into the appropriate room at the appropriate time. No use of the equipment is permitted unless under the supervision of an instructor. Parents and siblings are not allowed in the gym area for liability and safety concerns if kids are Participating classes and programs without parents


For safety and sanitary reasons, none of these (except water) are permitted in the gym area. Water is available for all participants; however children are encouraged to bring a water bottle for personal use throughout the class.


Wear proper clothing; comfortable shorts and t-shirt, or a leotard is recommended. Please avoid large, baggy clothing. All students must be barefoot in the gym. No jewelry, except small stud earrings, may be worn as they may become caught on something. Long hair should be pulled up and out of faces; refrain from headbands or anything large and cumbersome in the hair. Parents attending Parent & Tot programs should wear comfortable clothing as classes will be very active.


Our number one priority is to ensure a safe environment for all children and staff. We ask that our participants are safety conscious of themselves and those around them.

Teacher's permission is required to:

  • Enter gym
  • Go on equipment
  • Try new skills
  • Perform aerial inversions or flips
  • Leave the gym
  • Go for a drink
  • Use the toilet
  • Understand the risk of the activity

If safety or behavioral issues are a concern, the structure and environment of the class may not be suitable to a child's needs. Kidstogether® will work with families to ensure the child is appropriately supported and will achieve success within our programs.


Our instructional programs run year round or in many sessions. For gym and camp programs, there are three sessions. Our fall session runs from September to December and our Winter session runs January to April. Our summer session runs May to August. You can pay for a full session in advance, however no refunds or credits are given if you elect to drop. Alternatively we offer a convenient Monthly Auto-Pay System. We apply your charges to your bank account or credit card on the 25th of every month.

Students may join at any time as long as there is a vacancy in your desired class. Classes must meet our minimum class size in order to run. If you are unsure if your class has met the minimum enrolments needed to run please contact us. You can choose to un-enroll at anytime throughout the session by following our drop enrolment procedure (Monthly pay only).


Monthly payment: Tuition is due by the 25th of each month and is based on a flat monthly rate. We require a valid credit card to be saved in your account to complete your registration. You can choose to use this electronic payment for automatic monthly payments, which is preferred. Alternatively you can leave post dated cheques, pay by cash on or before the 25th of each month. If cash or cheque payment is not received on or before the due date, Kidstogether® Education Centre will initiate electronic payments for any balances due on your account PLUS an administrative late fee of up to $25.00. If a cheque is returned as "Insufficient Funds" a $45 charge will be added to your account.

Term Payment: Fees must be paid in full at time of registration. We accept cash, Visa or Mastercard payments.


A $30 yearly membership fee per child is due upon registration. Memberships will be renewed annually from the date of registration.


Once enrolled in a program that has reoccurring monthly tuition you are continuously enrolled in the program and will incur reoccurring monthly tuition charges on your account until you submit a class drop request or automatically at the end of our annual session (end of August). All fees are subject to Taxes. Some months receive 5 classes. There will be no extra charge for the 5th class but those days will be considered a makeup for classes missed while Kidstogether® Education Centre is closed due to statutory holidays.


Monthly payment: If you have chosen recurring monthly tuition, your child is continuously enrolled in the program and will incur recurring monthly tuition charges on your account until the end of the session. If you would like to un-enroll before the end of the session please submit the request in writing to service@ One month's notice must be provided in cases of un-enrolment.

Term payment: If you have chosen term registration, you are enrolled for the term in its entirety. If you wish to un-enroll within the first 3 weeks of classes, an 80% credit will be given for the remaining classes. There will be no non-medical withdrawals given following the third week of lessons. Medical withdrawals supported by a doctor's note will be credited 80% of the pro-rated balance. The membership fee is non-refundable.


We do not offer any refunds once payment has been made.


We do not offer make-up classes. In lieu of missed classes, families may attend our family drop in classes up to three times per session. Attendance must be booked in advance through customer service.


We offer an 80% credit to be used in any Kidstogether® programs once payment has been made.

Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability

As legal guardian and/or one of the above named persons and/or participants, I recognize that potentially severe injuries, including permanent paralysis or death can occur in sports or activities involving height or motion, including but not limited to inflatables, gymnastics, tumbling, clinics, camps, private lessons, bring a friend, play time, field trips, preschool, group activities, parents night out, trampoline, dance, circuit training, running, free weights, conditioning, obstacle courses, personal training and group fitness. Being fully aware of these dangers, I voluntarily consent to the aforementioned persons participating in any and all programs at Kidstogether® Education Centre and I ACCEPT ALL RISKS associated with that participation. In consideration for allowing my child and/or myself to use this facility, I, on my own behalf and the behalf of my child and our respective heirs, administrators, executors, and successors, hereby COVENANT NOT TO SUE and FOREVER RELEASE Kidstogether® Education Centre, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees or other representatives, whether paid or volunteer, from all liability for any and all damages or injuries suffered by myself or my child while under the instruction, supervision or control of Kidstogether® Education Centre. I also understand that it is the responsibility of the legal guardian and/or the above named persons to warn the participant and/or be aware of the dangers of injury. The guardian is aware and should warn the participant according to what the guardian feels is appropriate. Kidstogether® Education Centre will only warn the participant through safety messages and our teaching style and progressions. I also understand and give permission for photographs and videos of named persons and/or participants and/or myself be used in print or broadcast media as deemed appropriate for the promotion of Kidstogether® Education Centre.

Billing Authorization

I represent and warrant that if I am purchasing something or paying for a service from this facility or from other merchants through this facility that (i) any credit card, banking and personal information information I supply is true and complete, (ii) charges incurred by me will be honored by my credit card company or financial institution, and (iii) I will pay the charges incurred by me at the posted prices, including any applicable taxes, fees, and penalties.

I hereby authorize (if online payment is made or autopay information is provided) this facility to charge my credit card account. I understand and have read Kidstogether® Education Centre's Policies. I understand the named persons and/or participants that I have registered using Kidstogether® Education Centre's online database is enrolled in a program that has instalment monthly tuition I am continuously enrolled in the program and I will incur instalment monthly tuition charges on my account until I submit a class drop request. If you are dropping a class (with reoccurring monthly tuition) it must be done on or before the 20th day of the month. No refunds or credits will be given if you drop a class after payment has been processed. I am responsible to make timely payments of my balances due on my Kidstogether® Education Centre account. If for whatever reason, payments cannot be processed and my account balance remains overdue, I understand that my enrolment in classes will be cancelled. I will be responsible for all costs incurred for collection of any delinquent payments, including but not limited to collection/ attorney fees/ court costs. I understand that monthly payment amounts may vary as classes are added or dropped and as other charges/payments are applied to my account. New and updated billing, address and telephone information is the responsibility of the member, and not the responsibility of Kidstogether® Education Centre to notify the member of expired/declined credit cards and NSF returns. All overdue accounts, including cancelled accounts, will be charged $25.00 late fee each month until the account is paid in full or arrangements are made for payment. Overdue accounts will be sent to collections after the first on the month.

Should I dispute a charge through my financial institution this will constitute a breach of contract possibly resulting in, but not limited to, penalties, additional fees, collection, legal action, and/or termination of any and/or all current and future services.

Medical Emergencies


I confirm that the named persons and/or participants that I have registered using Kidstogether® Education Centre's online database are in good health and I have medical insurance and will provide coverage while named persons and/or participants are enrolled. I fully understand that Kidstogether® Education Centre staff members are not physicians or medical practitioners of any kind. With the above in mind, I hereby release Kidtogether® Education Centre staff members to render temporary first aid to named persons and/or participants in the event of any injury or illness, and if deemed necessary by the Kidstogether® Education Centre staff to seek medical help including calling of an ambulance for said named persons and/or participants should the Kidtogether® Education Centre staff deem this to be necessary. Additionally, I hereby agree to individually provide for all medical expenses, which may be incurred by named persons and/or participants as a result of any injury sustained while participating at Kidstogether® Education Centre.