Music Classes

Songtogether® builds strong music foundation for kids musicial learning

Kids at Songtogether® are innately drawn to music and they learn best through moving and listening.

Music awakens and stimulates neural pathways in the brain that are associated with higher forms of intelligence, such as abstract thinking, empathy, mathematics, science. Music’s melodic and rhythmic patterns provide exercise for the brain and help develop memory. Studying music helps children establish good listening habits, which are essential for achievement in school. Overall, music activities are perfect for child development. Music immerses the child in language, evokes movement, stimulates the brain and fosters physical coordination – all in a group setting that builds community – a holistic experience.

Aural development rapidly occurs during the early years from conception to approximately age six. It is difficult to reproduce sound which have not been head or reinforced accurately, therefore children learn to hear ‘in tune’ before singing in tune. Children reproduce what they hear, both good and bad. Therefore it is important that only music of the highest quality is used in lessons and at home. Children learn to sing in the same way they learn to speak – through repetition, good role modeling and enjoyment.

Various music researchers have found that the musical intellect of an adult is largely developed during the first five years of life. In fact, the pivotal time in the growth of a human’s learning ability (the growth of neural fibres in the brain that carry thought) is between the first and second year of life. These neurological connections build pathways in the brain and prepare the child for future learning. Songtogethe® classes provide a myriad of wonderful musical experiences using voice, puppets, percussion instruments and books so that babies and young children are absorbing and experiencing the above elements.

Kidstogethe® Early Childhood Music curriculum-Songtogether® is unique among movement and music classes. The curriculum is based on a mastery of concepts and developing ability. Our Songtogether® early childhood music programme helps parents embrace their role as their child’s most significant teachers by helping them observe and celebrate their child’s social, emotional, mental, physical, and musical development.

  • Recognise and mimic a rhythmic sequence of sounds,
  • Sing in tune and match pitches, understand concept of up and down
  • Walk, jump and march to music
  • Produce big and small motions, fine to gross motor skills
  • Understand dynamic differences of loud and soft
  • Develop a good sense of tempo, maintain and anticipate a steady beat
  • Listen carefully and follow directions
  • Maintain focus and concentration through the lesson
  • Social skills through sharing, taking turns, accepting guidance, waiting and anticipation

Infants who are exposed to music with assisted movement will remember and later demonstrate their learning when they reach the age of independent movement and speech. Toddlers who are struggling with single syllable words will often sing complete phrases and those learning to walk spontaneously begin to dance. Our aim is to immerse children in a musical world of discovery, while parents are taught how to enrich their child’s musical journey. It is our hope that family bonds are strengthened and an authentic love of music is nurtured and shared. Welcome to the magical world of Songtogether® music education – let’s start at the very beginning…!