Ages Newborn to 12 months

Songtogether Cuddle & Tumble®

As small babies begin to discover their fingers and toes and develop control over their own movements we can encourage this journey of self-discovery and development through touching songs, games, rhymes and chants. We can also reinforce a baby’s efforts to talk to us and therefore foster the development of language and singing by playing simple echoing games and again through simple songs and rhymes. Patting, rocking, walking and gentle bouncing are all very natural ways in which we can begin to reinforce the concept of beat and the pleasure of music to small babies.

  • To strengthen bonds between parent and child through music; the child’s first teachers are family and friends.
  • To immerse the child in a nurturing musical environment, providing pleasurable experiences through touching, rocking, bouncing, movement, looking and listening.
  • To equip parents with a range of repertoire, skills and experiences which can be used at home and in other situations.
  • To experience vocal exploration, voice inflection and the comparatives of soft/loud (dynamics), fast/slow(tempo), high/low (pitch).
  • To anticipate the climax of an action/rhyme/song.


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