Ages 2 years to 3 years

Songtogether Twinkle & Sparkles ®

From the age of two, through movement, games, songs, and playing simple rhythm instruments, you can slowly start to instil both an understanding of the concept of beat, and an ability to play along to the beat. Your child will begin to synchronise music through movement and playing rhythm instruments. The concept of rhythm as opposed to beat can be slowly introduced through body percussion e.g. clapping and simple instruments to express the pattern of the words in songs, rhymes and chants.

  • The teacher leads the group to experience singing, listening and moving to awaken sensitivity to music concepts.
  • To foster a love and enjoyment of music with parent and child interacting in a nurturing, cheerful atmosphere.
  • To help children distinguish between singing and speaking voices.
  • To begin the development of in-tune singing, both within the group and individually, using limited-range songs.
  • To develop a strong sense of the beat through a wide variety of games, dance and movement.
  • To explore timbre through simple percussion instruments.
  • To continue developing the concepts of soft/loud (dynamics), fast/slow(tempo), high/low (pitch) through vocal  exploration and games.
  • To develop memory extension skills through songs and games.
  • To encourage independence and participation in singing in the group situation.
  • To teach a wide repertoire of rhymes, songs and games.


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