Ages 3 years to 4 years

Songtogether beat & Clock®

By three years of age your child will be singing very simple songs and phrases with some accuracy, as they gain greater control of their voice and their ability to change to pitch, dynamics and tempo. As their ability to hear, move and play to the beat improves, they can also begin experimenting with simple rhythmic patterns. A three year old can express himself by making up his own little songs and moving freely to music. At four the world of music will really begin to open up for your child.

  • To develop an enjoyment of musical activity in both solo and group situations.
  • To introduce the term “beat” and develop accuracy in keeping the beat.
  • To prepare the concept of rhythm (the pattern of the words of the song).
  • To develop musical and independent in-tune singing.
  • To explore the timbre of various percussion instruments.
  • To teach listening skills - both to music, the teacher and other children.
  • To refine the musical concepts of soft/loud (dynamics), fast/slow(tempo), high/low (pitch).
  • To encourage confidence, independence, and turn-taking within a positive, musical environment.
  • To extend memory and concentration skills through singing, movement and dance.
  • To encourage improvisation and musical creativity through dramatic games, role-play and question and answer songs.
  • To develop two-part work - singing and performing the beat.
  • To teach a wide repertoire of songs, games, rhymes and dances.


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