Ages 5 years to 6 years

Songtogether Sunrise®

Songtogether Sunrise® teach the Children to learn the principles of music through singing songs, chanting rhymes, playing music games, using xylophones, recorders and other instruments. This program is based on Kidstogether®philosophy of using songs and rhymes from children’s folk culture, along with elements of Orff and Suzuki methodology. Note reading, writing and music history are taught in the upper levels. Songtogether Sunrise® provides a solid basic understanding of music and may inspire children to love and enjoy music.

  • To extend the child’s appreciation of good quality music from a wide range of genres.
  • To enable children to perform both beat and rhythm accurately.
  • To introduce the first elements of reading and writing rhythmic patterns.
  • To refine in-tune singing, using an extended repertoire.
  • To introduce the first elements of reading and writing melodic patterns.
  • To introduce the concept of the “staff”.
  • To extend memory, concentration and inner hearing skills through singing, movement and dance.
  • To extend two-part work using partner songs, ostinati, canon, and percussion.
  • To develop a sense of musicality using soft/loud (dynamics), fast/slow (tempo), high/low (pitch).
  • To continue to develop listening skills using more complex songs, games and recorded music.


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