Ages 6 years to 7 years

Songtogether Sunshine®

  • To extend the child’s appreciation of good quality music from a wide range of genres.
  • To encourage individual performance of in-tune singing with confidence.
  • To introduce more complex elements in reading and writing rhythmic patterns.
  • To enable children to perform both beat and rhythm accurately and to demonstrate extended rhythmic skills.
  • To extend the number of melodic elements for reading and writing on the staff.
  • To enable children to sight-sing limited range songs from the staff.
  • To encourage musical improvisation and creativity through word substitution, simple composition and tuned percussion instruments.
  • To continue to develop listening skills using more complex songs, games and recorded music.
  • To extend two-part work with more complex ostinati, canons, tuned and untuned percussion.
  • To make conscious the concept of metre through a variety of song repertoire.
  • To make conscious the concept of form and structure of simple songs.


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