Ages 7 years to 8 years

Songtogether Sunsbeam®

  • To extend the appreciation of good quality music from a wide range of genres (classical, jazz, folk, traditional) more complex listening activities.
  • To encourage individual performance of in-tune singing with confidence.
  • To continue to develop singing in harmony through canon, 2-parts, 3-parts and 4-parts.
  • To gradually introduce more complex elements in reading and writing rhythm patterns and performing these in parts (eg. Syncopation, anacrusis).
  • To gradually extend the number of melodic elements for reading and writing on the staff, using ‘solfa’ and note-names in major and minor keys.
  • To enable students to sight-sing songs from the staff including modulations into different keys.
  • To explore creativity through improvisation, composition, and arranging accompaniments using voice, percussion (tuned and un-tuned) and any other instruments available (eg. recorder, keyboard, violin).
  • To continue to develop an understanding of metre through conducting.
  • To explore ‘form’ through songs, dances and art music.


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