Gymtogether Gymfits®

For 5 years to 8 years children

A wonderful program designed to strengthen basic conditioning, flexibility, coordination, and overall personal growth. Working skills based on their own abilities giving them the self confidence to learn and grow physically, individually, and gymnastically. This program offers 8 levels grouped into 3 classes for children to move through.

This program offers 3 levels for your little ones to move through.

Ages 5 years to 7 Years

Gymtogether GymFits® 1 to 2

This is the perfect class for children that are new to gymnastics as well as children that have had an extended break from gymnastics. Children will work on their strength and basic gymnastic skills. Each child will work their way through the first two levels of the Gymtogether GymFits Program.


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Ages 7 years to 8 years

Gymtogether GymFits® 3 to 4

This class continues to work and improve on gymnastic skills, more specifically children really begin to work on their special awareness (rotation skills). Strength and coordination will increase to assist each child in accomplishing the Level 3 and 4 skills.


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Ages 8 years +

Gymtogether GymFits® 5 to 8

This class provides the opportunity for each child to continue building their skill repertoire and work the same skills used at competition but without the long training hours and pressure of competition.


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